Jumbo Roll Tissue

A jumbo roll tissue, also known as a jumbo toilet paper roll or jumbo bathroom tissue, is a large-sized roll of toilet paper typically used in commercial or high-traffic environments such as offices, schools, restaurants, and public restrooms. It is designed to provide a higher paper capacity and reduce the frequency of roll changes compared to standard-sized rolls of toilet paper.

Jumbo rolls are much larger in size compared to regular household toilet paper rolls. These rolls are often used in commercial-grade dispensers that can hold and dispense the jumbo roll tissue. The dispensers are designed to accommodate the larger roll size and provide ease of use and convenience for high-traffic areas.

Jumbo roll tissue offers several advantages in commercial settings, including reduced maintenance and restocking time, cost savings, and less frequent roll changes. It is an efficient solution for busy environments where a large number of people use the restroom facilities regularly.

While jumbo roll tissue is widely used commercially, we see a rising trend of households using it too. 

Sunlight Paper's Jumbo Roll Tissues are made for:

  • quality performance (soft with good absorbency and easy to dissolve in water)
  • value-for-money option (one roll of a high-capacity jumbo roll equals nearly ten standard toilet rolls)
  • lesser storage space required
  • lower janitorial and logistics costs (reduced refill, restock and maintenance time)
  • promoting responsible forestry (paper pulp used in all our products come from certificated forests (FSC certified))

JRT Types:

  • 2-ply
  • Virgin or mixed pulp
  • Embossed or non-embossed
  • 90mm width
  • 250m, 300m or 350m length
  • Septic-safe

Price per carton $31.70 $33.00 $34.30 $38.40
Price per roll $ 2.64 $2.75 $ 2.86 $3.20
Price per 100m $1.06 $1.10 $0.95 $0.91
Product Specification  
Tissue type Mixed pulp Virgin pulp Mixed pulp Virgin pulp
Tissue finishing Pattern embossed Pattern embossed Pattern embossed Non-embossed
Tissue perforation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tissue ply 2 2 2 2
Tissue width 90mm 90mm 90mm 90mm
Tissue length 250m 250m 300m 350m
Roll core internal diameter 76mm 76mm 76mm 76mm
Roll external diameter 235mm 235mm 235mm 240mm
Roll height 90mm 90mm 90mm 90mm
Septic-safe Yes Yes Yes Yes
Packaging Specification  
Packaging type

Corrugated box

Corrugated box

Corrugated box

Corrugated box

Packaging dimensions 50x50x28cm 50x50x28cm 50x50x28cm 50x50x28cm
Rolls per carton 12 12 12 12


When it comes down to buying virgin or recycled pulp, the best way to be kind to the environment when purchasing jumbo roll tissue (toilet paper) is to make the most economical use of it. Whether you eventually prefer premium virgin or recycled JRT, buy it in bulk to reduce your impact on both the environment and your pocket!

When you purchase JRT-350VP, you contribute to a 40% reduction in carbon emission and recyclable waste! This is because we deliver more tissue with every delivery trip and every tissue core used.

Click to view dissolubility test to see dissolved/disintegrated JRT in water. No pipe/drainage blockage problem.

Sunlight Paper provides consistency, quality and value in all tissue products ranging from Hand Towel Roll to Napkins and Hygiene Wipes

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