Hand Towel (Other Folds)

Sunlight Paper's next best seller is the V-fold towels and Interfold towels! Offering both virgin pulp and recycled pulp in 1-ply options, our V-fold towels are commonly used for all general purposes to clean and dry.

V-fold types:

  • Virgin pulp or recycled pulp
  • 1-ply
  • Embossed
  • 6,000, 6,400 or 18,000 sheets per carton
  • 30, 40 or 72 packets per carton
  • 105mm or 200mm width
  • 200mm or 230mm length
  • Each pack is individually wrapped in plastic
  20110 INTERFOLD 16040 V-FOLD 20030 V-FOLD
Price per carton $76.80 $50.40 $47.10
Quantity (sheets) 18,000 6,400 6,000
Price per 1,000 sheets $4.27 $7.88 $7.85
Product Specification
Tissue type Virgin pulp Virgin pulp Recycled pulp
Tissue finishing Embossed Embossed Embossed
Tissue ply 1 1 1
Sheet size (folded) 105mm x 100mm 98mm x 225mm 100mm x 230mm
Sheet size (unfolded)

105mm x 200mm

195mm x 225mm

200mm x 230mm

No. of folds 1 1 1
Packaging Specification
Packaging type

Corrugated box

Corrugated box

Corrugated box

Packaging dimensions 67x33x45cm 52x46x35cm 46x45x31cm
Packs per carton / bundle 72 40 30
Sheets per pack 250 160 200
Sheets per carton / bundle 18,000 6,400 6,000


The most cost-effective options are the interfold, v-fold and m-fold designs as these options deliver single sheet dispensing to improve hygiene and reduce wastage. Secondly, because these paper towels tend to come out "opened up", making them easier to use instantly. People on the go do not tend to open up a paper towel to dry their hands, instead, they will take more towels. Hence, if the towel comes out already "opened", this will save the amount of towels that are being used, effectively saving you money.

Our hand towels are all embossed. Negligible paper dust dispensed upon pulling hand towels out.

Did you know?

  • Paper towel dust make a mess over a period of time if left uncared for - can be unsightly in public areas
  • Paper towel dust work like sandpaper when you are drying your hands; if used extensively, will cause dryness in skin
  • Dry dusting with paper towel risks scratching your furniture's finish

Click here to view product demo and comparison on paper dust 

Click here to view product demo on wet strength

V-fold towels are compatible with our SUNLIGHT ART-812 M-FOLD PAPER TOWEL DISPENSER.

Interfold towels are compatible with our SUNLIGHT POP UP TISSUE DISPENSER (SP823) or SUNLIGHT ART-518 INTERLEAVED DISPENSER (NM).

You may consider M-fold hand towels, one of our best sellers! 

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